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Orange County Home Inspector Talks About Fencing


As an Orange County Home Inspector I do about 150 to 200 home inspections per year.


When I begin my home inspection I start with inspecting the outside and one of the first things I see is the fencing. Homebuyers are typically most concerned with the roof, the foundation, the electrical, or the plumbing. 


The cost of a new roof can range from $7,000. $10,000. (more if it’s a clay tile roof). The cost of a plumbing re-pipe can be about the same.


People don’t worry about the fencing too much because deteriorated fencing doesn’t leak water or cause damage to any other structure. 


While this makes perfect sense, I believe it’s wise to consider that if you buy a nice house and the wood fencing is falling down because the rotted fence posts no longer hold the fence up, you will be replacing this fence within a couple of years and the cost of that new fencing can be anywhere from $6,000. to $20,000. depending on if you go with wood or, at the high end, vinyl fencing.


When fencing is in bad condition it affects the presentation of your house, both in the front yard if it can be seen from the front and, especially in the back yard where it is readily seen and where you might spend a lot of time. Good fencing also gives your yard a good measure of the privacy most people want in their homes.


So don’t over look the fence condition in your Orange County home purchase and call me for your Orange County Home Inspection or your Los Angeles Home Inspection. I always take a good look at the fencing.

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