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Orange County Home Inspector Finds High Water pressure

 Low water pressure is what most people worry about when I inspect the plumibing on homes in Orange County but what I usually find is high water pressure at the main water shut-off. That's because city/municipal water companies always deliver higher water pressure than you need and expect that you will lower it at the water pressure regulator. The problem is, is  that some, especially older homes, do not always have a water pressure regulator. When I find low water pressure in houses it is usually at the point of use like the shower or the kitchen or bathroom sink. The cause of this in many cases is the airerator on the tip of the faucet or the shower head itself. The water pressure is low there because it is being restricted by calcium clogged holes. One can either replace the airireator or take it off and soak it in Lime-Away or vinegar.

Water pressure is usually recommended to be betwen 40 and 80 psi (lbs per sq ft). People often respond with remarks like, 'great, I love having high water pressure". Having high water pressure is like having high blood pressure. You don't usually feel it but it is not good for your plumbing system or your body.
The water contained in your water pipes is a closed system and when the pressure surges for reasones like hot weather, it creates too much pressure and can cause your pipes to leak at weak points.

So if your Orange County Home Inspector or your Los Angeles Home Inspector, or your Long Beach Home Inspector, or your San Diego Home Inspector finds high water pressure, have it lowered by installing a water pressure regulator. This will cost you about $300. to $400. but it is mony well spent.

Call me at Michael Sedillo Property Inspections and I will do your home inspection and check your water pressure.

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