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Attention Irvine homebuyers and realtors!  I have inspected a whole lot of homes in Irvine from Turtle Rock to Woodbridge and they are unique in that most of them are on slab construction as opposed to a raised foundation with a crawl space. For this reason of them being of more modern up to date construction, I find them a little easier to inspect with usually less to report on. Of course I always start with the outside of the home by inspecting the foundation perimeter, the stucco, and the wood, which includes the eaves and wood trim. I look at the plumbing, which includes me taking a reading of the water pressure, which should fall between 40 and 80 psi. Most of these homes have water pressure regulators, which make adjusting the psi easy (for a plumber). I check out the lot to see if the drainage flows away from the house and I look at the concrete walkways and patios. I examine the fencing to see if it’s firm and that there are no loose blocks that could tumble on anyone’s’ toes should they fall. My reports show these items in simple photos with little arrows pointing to cracks and defects if I find any.

I try to be objective in my reporting without using too many scary adjectives, just the facts so you can decide.

I take the same approach when I move from the outside of the house into the interior and the attic. As a general contractor I can be technical but I try to keep it simple unless it requires a technical answer. I always keep in mind that I am working for you, not the realtor or the seller. Call or email me and I’ll explain some of the other items I inspect like the plumbing and electrical which are very important.

I’m punctual, through, and professional which equals value!

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