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Cheap and Fast Home Inspection in Huntington Beach

There are a few Huntington Beach home inspectors and a few Anaheim home inspectors that advertise cheap home inspections. The dead giveaway is that their prices almost always end in 9, $199 or $149. It takes this Huntington Beach home inspector anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours do do a home inspection. It all depends on the size, type, and condition, of the home. I personally know one of these home inspectors and I was shocked when he told me how long he took to do a home inspection. I thought, how can you do a good job in that amount of time and his answer was, "I take alot of notes!" But he's a volume kind of guy and he's not interested in quality home inspections, but doing a high volume of home inspections. He has a retinue of underlings that he hires and he sends them out to do home inspections, they bring back the notes and photographs and then he does the report. This is like getting your ticket punched and not going on the ride. A quality home inspection should be done by a qualified home inspector interested in the construction of the home you are buying. He should have a background in construction. Whould you want a doctor to operate on you that didn't know physiology, your physical body? That's why they call them physicians. Maybe home inspectors should be called 'construction-ologist'. Because that's what it takes to do a good inspection; knowledge gained doing construction. Anything less is just a cheap date. I know a lot of home inspectors, home inspectors in San Clemente, home inspectors in Mission Viejo, home inspectors Santa Ana, and home inspectors in Anaheim, that will do a good job for a fair price. Use a good inspector at a fair price.

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