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Do you need roof inspection?

The answer is a definite yes. I do a roof inspection when I inspect a home. Most of the time I actually walk the roof but in some cases I don't.
If a roof is an older concrete, terra-cota, slate, or other breakable roof I don't walk on it because I don't want to break tiles. They break quite easily when a roof is old and even sometimes when the roof is not that old. Anybody that walks on your roof has a good chance of breaking tiles. TV dish installers do it occasionally. Do you think that when they break tiles they tell you and ask for you to send them the bill for repairing the broken tiles? Not likely. Are you going to go check to see if any tiles were broken after somebody mounts your roof. Not likely.

So how do I get my roof inspected if I don't allow anybody to walk on it to inspect it? Two ways: When I inspect a home with a tile roof, I get on a ladder and look at it for signs of defects like broken tiles, slipped tiles, missing tiles, and missing flashing. If I see any instances of this I take a photo and put it in my report. The second way of inspecting a roof is from the attic. I go into the attic and I look for signs that it might be leaking or may have leaked in the past. If your roof leaks there will probably be water stains somewhere.

The best way to gain assurance of the true condition of your roof and to guard against buying a house that may have roof problems is to get a roof inspection from a licensed roofing contractor that will offer you a warranty with a specific time period, two to five years or so. Roofing contractors know best how to walk on delicate roofs and if they break something the'll fix it because for one they know how and two, they don't want it to leak and then have to pay for it when you call for warranty work.

Other roofs that are asphalt shingles and other materials are not so touchy and inspecting them not so trecherous.

Roofing contractor roof inspections can often be free because roofers can usually find something that at least needs maintenace on your roof, like dried roof mastic that has cracked in the sun, or slipped and missing tiles. Good quality inspections with a warranty can cost somewhere around $200. but of course to get the 2 or 3 year warranty you must have the deficiencies corrected. It's worth looking into if you're buying a house where the roof condition might be suspect. Call me at 949 728 8292
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