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Sometimes I loose inspections from people who want to save money by using a cheaper inspector. This is usually the case with people who find me on the Internet. Thankfully, most if not all, of my inspections come thorugh referral by somewone who has used me or has been recommended to me someone who has used me. 

We all do the same thing when we want to buy something; we look on the Internet for the cheapest price. It actually works pretty good if you know the product you are buying. If not, you read the reviews and if the iterm or product has 5 stars you click "buy".

Home inspection may not be so easy because a home inspection is a multi faceted product and you won’t know if you got a good one until you are able to read it after its been completed. Even still, if you get a bad one, how would you know it if you’re not knowledgeable about construction matters?


Homes, including condominiums in California where I work are easily upwards of $500,000. Usually more like $600,000. or $800,00. Average homes in beach communities are almost always over one million dollars.


A home inspection from me is commonly in the $350. to $500. range and I price them by the square footage of the house. A cheap inspection is sometimes about $200. or even $250.  That’s a $150. to $200. savings.


If you know for sure that the cheap inspection is going to be a good one then go for it!  If not, then why jeopardize the purchase of such a large investment? 

If the seller is participating in the cost of repairs, my inspection will easily save you hundreds of dollars because I’ll tell you what needs repairing and about how much it will cost. If the seller is not paying for any repairs then at least you’ll know what you’re getting into. Sometimes the cost of repairs isn’t so scary and you are comfortable with paying for the repairs yourself because you really like the house and are tired of looking for the perfect house, which doesn’t exist anyway.



I am a licensed contractor who has been doing building inspections for over 12 years. I do inspections for insurance companies and for lawyers who sue bad contractors. I do code compliance inspections as well.


My inspections are easy to read and have lots of photos with arrows pointing to defects you can see. I try to write in language you can understand and I never condemn a property because people often want to buy fixer-uppers to save money and in those cases I simply list the items that need attention. Every thing is fixable. My inspection will give you a clear concise list of the items you need to pay attention to and when appropriate, as a contractor, I discuss how they should be repaired. I do not do construction on houses I do inspections on.



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