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Do Home Inspectors collude with realtors to hide defects?

Sometimes buyers are weary of using a home inspector recommended to them by the realtor selling them the house. They think that the realtor will use an 'easy' inspector in the hopes that he won't report all of what he finds so that the deal doesn't fall through. In reality it doesn't work that way because if an inspector were to neglect to report on something he found, like mold, damaged framng in the attic, or structural dificiencies. The buyer is likely to move into the house and discover the cover-up and then call the realtor and the inspector and ask them to pay for the repair or threaten a law suit. No realtor or home inspector wants that, it's just not worth the money, especially in the case of the home inspector

In my home inspection business, the realtors that use me over and over again use me because I do find dificiencies, it's my job to find dificiencies if there are any and rarely does a house not have defects, not even new ones which I inspect all the time.

It's best to know what the defects are so you can make an intelligent decision. Everthing is fixable, the question is how big a defect is it? I'm a general contractor and I can advise you on that. My clientile of realtors use my services because when I find 'stuff', I don't scare the 'daylights' out of the buyer, I just calmly state as objectively as possible what I found. Everybodys' happier that way.


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